Site preferences are stored in cookies. The site uses 2 cookies, one for the language and the other for the style.


To switch the site's style, use the links from the mini Zen Garden on the right column. Style preference will be saved for your next visit.

You can use you browser’s built-in method for switching page style, but no browser that I know of allows for site-wide permanent style change. This is why I use cookies, which also enable cross-session preference storing.

Some stylesheets may display the page differently in different browsers. Remember: no browser fully supports the CSS2 Recommendation. Some are dedicated to compliance, but all browsers have bugs and the only reason why you don’t usually notice them is because designers work around them. This fact has strong implications on what the web looks like, because developers tend to use cross-browser failsafe solutions and that makes the range of available designs more limited.


The default style.


Features the vacumm tubes of my Cary Audio Design amp.


Clear layout with lots of white space, based on the Normal style.

High contrast

High contrast stylesheet for visually impaired readers. Learn more about it in this related article.


The site’s primary language is French, which is my mother tongue. Static pages (basically everything but the journal) are translated into English, except at this time for the internal pages of the portfolio.

Some articles of the journal may be translated into or written in English, but the default language remains French.

The language displayed on your first visit depends on your browser settings. The language you choose will be stored in a cookie for your next visit.

I also translated some documents from the W3C and other sources for the English-impaired French-speaking crowd. You will find them in the traduction section of the site (yes, traduction means translation).